Dread Head Accelerator Spray

Dread Head Accelerator Spray
Dread Head Accelerator Spray
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Model: Dread Head Accelerator Spray
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DreadHead Accelerator spray 475 ml

Tightens dreads in any stage of development Also makes the initial dreading easier and more effective. Helps dreads mature faster best used straight after shampoo The locking accelerator tightens dreads by using natural sea salt and few other magic ingredients to opening the hair cuticles. Increasing the friction between strands, and creating an environment that dreads thrive in. Dreadhead or Knotty Boy? As a tool for helping your dreads lock up this is the best. However it is non scented and can be a little harsh on the scalp. The Knottyboy sprays smells LUSH and make your dreads feel lovely but are not as effective at helping them form.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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